Bringing awareness & change to kidney disease.

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Global Kidney Health is an action oriented 501c3 non-profit organization that focuses on direct initiatives to stop end stage renal disease and the complications that accompany it. Our initiatives are designed to create meaningful changes in the lives of those with kidney disease. We work with various kidney organizations and act as an aggregator for the best information as it pertains to patients and those seeking to learn more about kidney disease, dialysis, living donation, and transplant. Our mission is to give a voice to those with kidney disease and to make the Green Ribbon as well recognized as the amazing and life saving Pink Ribbon.



Global Kidney Health is focused on initiatives that will bring immediate and lasting change to kidney disease. Action based means absolute and focused initiatives designed to have a direct positive impact on the lives of those affected with kidney disease and their loved ones. We are focused on filling the unmet needs of those with kidney disease and their loved ones. Our goals are inspired by conversations with those experiencing kidney disease.

Initiatives 2019-2020


The Nutrition Assistance Program Research is designed to help ensure that those less financially secure with kidney disease, have the access to the nutrition necessary to help fight the disease. The progress of kidney disease can be slowed with proper nutrition and those on dialysis who eat properly have better outcomes. We are providing financial assistance, free nutritional counseling and kitchen tools to those with kidney disease. This research will be used to encourage a government subsidy plan.


YouTube cooking channel. We are teaming up with some top brands in order to produce a high quality YouTube channel focused on cooking healthy, delicious, and affordable meals for those living with kidney disease. We are also discussing nutrition tips and diet trends.


"We cannot have prevention without awareness.”

-Brandy Hughes (co-founder & CEO) 



Global Kidney Health was founded and is managed by actual CKD patients and their loved ones. Our aim is to fill in the missing gaps of information that exists between hospitals, large kidney organizations and patients. We welcome other organizations and love to collaborate, anything that can help spread the word about kidney disease.


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